What Clients Are Saying…

Joel Summerfield, ProClean Supply We have used Lanny for several projects, including copy for our website and printed marketing pieces. She has always given us a clear, consistent voice for our marketing needs, and always in a timely manner. Lanny is a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her for any copy and writing needs that you may have.

Joel Summerfield, ProClean Supply

Lanny Udell is more than a writer. She is a listener. Lanny listens to the description of the creative challenge and starts looking at the challenge from multiple aspects. She provides options and helps clarify our thinking. She is an integral part of any creative process.

The result is always insightful, the copy always fresh and current and…it works! To top it all off – working with Lanny is a real pleasure.

Kathleen Courtney – Principal, XDM Corporation 

Lanny and I have been collaborating on projects for nearly 10 years. She is a highly creative thinker and together we have created several  successful web sites as well as many collateral pieces. The give and take between us produces better results for our clients.  I highly recommend Lanny and look forward to continuing to work with her.

Cynde Starck, Creative Director, Starck Design  


Building a website and creating marketing materials can be daunting tasks. But, by far, working with Lanny Udell was the most satisfying aspect of both projects.

Lanny met with us to fully understand the services we offer. She listened carefully to our needs and quickly produced the written materials as promised. As a result, we have seen increased traffic to our website and the response to our new brochure has been overwhelmingly positive.

Jane & Sapir Weiss  Co-owners, Olivet Kennel and Dog Resort 

After 15 years as a Massage Therapist, I went back to school to add Skin Care to my repertoire. I was overwhelmed trying to put together a new brochure and website for my new services. Then I met Lanny and she made it easy.

She is a beautiful writer and captured in her words the true essence of what I wanted in my materials. She listened to me, looked at what I already had and took it from there. Lanny worked efficiently and fast and informed me every step of the way.

Corinna Joy Kavanagh  Body Celebration Day Spa 

Lanny is an extraordinary idea person … and she’s always on time and on budget, serious considerations of our daily radio show.

Lanny Udell contacted Life Love & Health during our formative first year. She quickly grasped our 90-second format, condensing challenging health-and-medical information, including interview segments, into compelling, emotionally engaging 300-word packages that really resonate with our audiences. All of us at Life Love & Health happily – and highly – recommend her.

Christopher Springmann  Executive Producer, Life Love & Health 

Lanny brings a unique combination of talent and creative writing ability together with analytical thinking and the instinct to make the sale. With that and a sense of humor she has added significant impact to our marketing initiatives.

Fred McDaniel, Director of Client Services, Carroll Services, Inc.

I had never worked with a professional copywriter before I started working with Lanny Udell. Lanny was quite open that she hadn’t worked specifically with patent-related copy before. It proved not to be any impediment and was likely helpful in producing some very targeted and powerful copy. Lanny took some relatively esoteric material and worked with me to translate it into reader-friendly copy (with effective marketing spin where warranted).

I believe that Lanny was successful in infusing some of my personality yet was able to stay on point. I have received nothing but accolades for the material that Lanny has produced. I unreservedly recommend Lanny 100%!!!

Michael E. Woods  aka “YourPatentGuy”