5 tips for taking your website from blah to blossoming

Is your website littering the landscape with self-serving content, confusing navigation, a call to action that’s missing in action?

Well, what better time to clean up your ‘Net presence than spring? After all, like all growing things your website just needs a little TLC to produce amazing results.

Here are five easy ways to nurture your most valuable green marketing tool.

Give your website a little TLC and it will reward you with amazing results.

1. Clear navigation – visitors expect to find your nav bar across the top of every page. Don’t disappoint. Create a clear path through your site by labeling the navigation tabs with standard terms such as About, Services, Contact. This is not the place to be cute.

2. Juicy text -let’s face it, web searchers are looking for information, so make sure your site provides it. Rather than going on about what you do, give them conversational, jargon-free copy that addresses their concerns. Then, format your text for the way people read online using short paragraphs, subheads and bulleted or numbered lists. Make your message compelling and visitors will spend more time (and money) on your site.

3. Call to action – Sign up for our newsletter. Call for an appointment. Order now. Whether it’s a link to a download or  asking for the sale, a direct call to action gets results. While this may seem obvious, it’s amazing how many businesses overlook this important step.  Help your visitors (and your company) by being clear about how to take the next step.

4. Update often – make it a living, changing, growing site by posting new content frequently.  Add new products, articles or blog posts and Google will reward you with higher rankings. And, you’ll be giving customers a reason to visit more often.

5. Add video – build trust and show your brand personality with a short, punchy video clip on your website. Not only are videos engaging, they also enhance your SEO. According to SearchEngineWatch.com, Google and the like are programmed to display a mix of content types in search results. For this reason, they give more weight to video than to other forms of Web content.

What  have you done lately to take your website from blah to blossoming? We’d love to hear your tips.

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