A copywriter’s wish – may your new year be jargon-free!

No more bla bla blaAt the end of the day, on Christmas Eve, I hope Santa brought your deliverables on time and on budget. As the global leader in innovative solutions, he strives to exceed expectations and always thinks outside the gift box. After all, that’s his core competency. And for you, as one of his key stakeholders, it’s a win-win!

Uhhhh….what I really mean is: Have a happy holiday and a jargon-free new year!

A Wall Street Journal article pointed out, “as corporate complexity collides with fanciful phrasing…it’s getting harder to tell what some companies actually do.”

Resolve to bid farewell to overblown language.

Unfortunately, we’re surrounded by examples of this kind of writing. Here are a few I love:

  • Your Full Service Food Service Service Company (this wordy slogan gets the repetition award!)
  • A company called Universal Business Solutions says they “Deliver new business process management solutions to automate core processes.” (Can somebody please translate that for me?)
  • Another boasts: “We take a structured approach to our implementation engagements.” (And they do it in their brochure, no less).

You wouldn’t use this kind of language in a conversation, so why expect your copywriter to use it in your marketing materials?

Customers and prospects want to know that a living, breathing human is behind what they’re reading.

So say what you really mean in an engaging, fun style and you’ll connect, establish trust and build relationships.

What are some examples of bla-bla copy that you’ve found?

Please share them with me so I can add them to my collection.

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