Case studies…and why you need them.

I recently co-authored an article for North Bay Biz magazine talking about the many benefits of case studies (or success stories, as I prefer to call them).

When you first hear the term, you may think: bo-ring. But think again.

What’s more compelling than the story of a challenge well met, a customer well served…especially when it’s told primarily from the customer’s point of view? They’re touting your services, not you, making it all the more believable.

One of the main benefits of using success stories as part of your marketing mix is their versatility.

That’s right, you pay a freelance copywriter once for a case study that you can repurpose in a myriad of ways.

For example, I am currently writing case studies for DriveSavers Data Recovery Services. This savvy client is adapting their success stories for use in press releases, trade show hand-outs, newsletter and ads. And oh, did I mention on their website? Not a bad ROI!

To learn more about this affordable, effective, multi-tasking marketing tool, check out my free report. Then think about your own success stories and how you can leverage them in your marketing materials.

Are you using case studies now? I’d love to hear how your business benefits from using this powerful tool.

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