Does your marketing message stand a chance?

These pearls of wisdom were uttered by Carlos Segura, an award-winning designer and founder and principal of Segura, Inc…

Communication that doesn’t take a chance, doesn’t stand a chance.

His words really hit home with me. Why? Because all too often businesses want to take the safe and familiar route in their marketing communications, a strategy that results in bland copy that doesn’t connect (i.e., stand a chance) with their audience.

In one of my favorite newsletters, The Monday Morning Memo, Roy H. Williams (aka The Wizard of Ads®) gave some examples of copy that didn’t connect. He’s talking about ads but his comments hold true for any marketing communications:

1. The ad was so predictable that few people even noticed it.

SOLUTION: Get a new ad writer or remove the handcuffs from the one you’ve got.

2. Prospective customers noticed the ad, received the message and understood it perfectly. They just didn’t care.

SOLUTION: Dump the irrelevant subject matter. Discover what people actually care about and talk about that instead.Good advice.

Before you unleash your next piece of written communication, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your copy free of technical jargon?
  • Is it written in a friendly, conversational tone?
  • Is it loaded with benefits, not just a list of features?
  • Does it reflect the personality of your company and set you apart from your competitors?
  • Does it take complicated information and make it easy to understand?
  • Does it talk about something your customer cares about?

Hopefully you answered yes to all of the above. If not, look back at point #1 above—hire a new writer or take the handcuffs off the one you’ve got.

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