How to Shake Up and Rev Up Your Marketing

Every week, Carol stood up in her networking meeting and gave the same one-minute speech about her real estate business. While she talked, the other members doodled, daydreamed and drank coffee. After weeks of getting no referrals, she got the picture. At the next meeting she wore a doll house with a for sale sign as a hat. Did anyone hear her message that day? You bet.

Be bold, be heard.

You don’t have to go to that far, but think about your marketing materials. Are they written in corporate-speak? Do they make you seem distant and stuffy, when your firm is built on warmth and informality? Don’t be afraid to create an authentic, even bold, brand personality and let it come shining through.

Start by writing your website copy in a friendly, conversational style, free of jargon. Use humor to connect with people if it’s right for your brand.

As Rohit Bhargava, author of the Influential Marketing blog, says: “Nothing gives the impression that you’re faceless more than using completely neutral third person language across your site. Instead of using the same old marketing mumbo jumbo to describe your business, how about giving people a bit of the story behind your company? … When you can tell a story in your own voice, it creates a foundation for believability in everything else you do online.”

Here are some tips for making your website copy more effective.

  • Address your customers’ needs and concerns
  • Skip the jargon, write in real-people language
  • Use humor where appropriate
  • Be clear
  • Express your personality – find your own “doll house hat”

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