Online marketing tip: Provide useful information to increase your chance of being read

Every day our inboxes are inundated with “buy me” messages. And if you’re anything like me, unless you’re really interested in the item being offered, you’ll hit delete.

But – give me some useful tips and I’m ready to pay attention.

The Magellan’s Catalog does a good job of providing information along with their product story. A purveyor of travel gear and clothing, their emails often take an editorial approach, offering helpful tips for making travel easier. And lord knows, the idea of going to the airport and facing the prospect of a full body scan isn’t exactly appealing. So anything that promises to make the experience less taxing, I want to know about.

In a recent email headlined with an engaging play on words: “Getting a Good Flight’s Sleep,” Magellan’s addressed the challenges of sleeping on the plane, i.e., small seats, lack of basic services like clean blankets, droning engine noise. Then they offered 5 bulleted tips to help you drift off aloft.

Where does the sell come in?

In the side bar, with links to featured products like neck pillows, fleece blankets and noise cancelling headphones. And, they cleverly provide customer reviews of several products. Now that they’ve got you in the mood to shop, all you have to do is click on links at the bottom of the email and you’ll land on the product pages of their website.

So take a cue from Magellan’s. Before you send your next email campaign think about what useful information you can share that will make customers view you as an expert, not just someone trying to sell them something. Make it relevant to your product and their needs, and you should see an increase in your open rate, readership and click-throughs.


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