A nonprofit with an outdated website. Not a recipe for success. The organization needed a site they could easily update … one that would touch the hearts of their many audiences: donors, volunteers, the medical community, grantees, and people in need of breast cancer resources in the Bay Area.  I worked with The Bright Studio to create a WordPress site that captured the vision: No One Should Face Breast Cancer Alone. Visit To Celebrate Life

Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate. Virtually everyone has been touched by it in some way. Maybe you’ve just been diagnosed, or you’re a long-time survivor. Or maybe your mother, sister, best friend…or even your dad has had a bout with the disease. Yet there are many in our midst who don’t have the resources help them get through the difficult journey. With the generous support of our sponsors, donors and volunteers, To Celebrate Life, through its grants awards program, is here to implement the Foundation’s vision that no one in our nine-county Bay Area should face breast cancer alone.