SEO copywriting tips for catalog marketers

In a recent article, SEO expert Heather Lloyd Martin takes catalog marketers to task for what she calls “10 stupid things” they do to mess up their websites. Here are a few of her comments about SEO copywriting:

1. Uploading your catalog content without rewriting it for the online market

If the task seems daunting, she suggests rewriting your top 20% pages first, incorporating key phrases customers search for. You should see an increase in search rankings and conversions.

2. Putting every applicable keyphrase on your home page

The goal isn’t to get visitors to land on your home page. You want them to land on a page that closely matches their search query.

3.  Using the same page titles on all site pages

One of the fastest ways to improve your search engine rankings is to create unique keyword-rich titles for every page.

4.  Not researching keyword phrases

You’re not a mind reader. You may *think* you know how customers are searching but keyphrase research will either confirm your hunches or give you new ideas.

And here’s the kicker… Hiring cheap writers who write poorly

Martin cites the example of an ecommerce site owner who went offshore for his SEO copywriting and wasted $2500 on bad writing. Remember, you get what you pay for. Hire a professional writer and reap the benefits of a better ROI.

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