How to communicate with customers in stressful times

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Communicating during the pandemic, CopyWhiz, Email marketing, Website content

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To say these are unusual times is putting it mildly. Now we find ourselves faced with all kinds of contradictions – to mask or not? Go back to work or stay home? Send the kids to school or home-school? Require customers to be vaccinated or not.

None of us has ever had to write copy during a pandemic before. So how do you even begin to write effective messages in times like these?

Dial down the empathy…instead, offer solutions

Steve Slaunwhite, a copywriting coach I’ve followed for years, relates this comment from one of his students: “If I hear from another company asking me how I’m doing through all this, I’m going to scream.”

In a blog post from November 2020, Impact Networking, a business technology company, reports that 87% of consumers appreciate brands that deliver “timely and relevant information during the coronavirus pandemic.”

Take a cue from your customers

Use this opportunity in your email, social media and blogs to be upfront about what your company is doing to help customers.

  • Let them know what measures you are taking to keep them feeling safe in your premises.
  • Point out the changes you have made to your services to make doing business with you more convenient.
  • Be cautious about using humor. While we can all use a chuckle, 40% of consumers queried said they want to feel reassured, and humor may not be the right approach.
  • Explain how your product or service helps save time and money. For example, write a case study that tells how you solved a similar problem for a customer. Include comments from the happy client.
  • Don’t tip-toe around the offer whether it’s a new product launch, a special discount or a webinar announcement. Share the news!

Above all else…

  • Stay in touch.  Keep your copy timely, relevant and upbeat to stay top of mind.

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