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Supercharge your Website, online marketing and direct mail
with professional copywriting.

Storytelling for contractors

Whether you’re a builder, remodeler or plumbing contractor … you have a unique story to tell. Whatever your area of specialization, you need a website and other marketing communications that set you apart.

Let’s face it. There’s no shortage of contractors in your niche. So what can you do to rise to the top?
What will make someone pick up the phone to call you vs. the contractor down the street?

It starts with a professionally crafted online presence

Your website is the foundation of your marketing program. It needs to tell your story clearly and convincingly. It needs to be easy to navigate. And the graphics must enhance the story with photos, typography and colors that reinforce your branding. I collaborate with talented web designers to make sure your online presence is strong.


Stay in touch with blog posts, e-newsletters

These are effective ways to stay in touch with customers and inform them of special offers or new services. Offering useful information help you stay top of mind.


Brochure/Leave behind

After meeting with a prospect, present them with a brochure that reiterates the benefits of working with you.

Reach out with targeted direct mail

Identify your target audience and let’s create a postcard campaign or direct mail piece that they won’t toss. So next time they need a plumber or remodeler, they’ll think of you. It’s a cost-effective way to drive people to your website.

Need a copywriter with experience writing for contractors?

Lanny has worked with contractors in a variety of trades – plumbing, remodeling, builders, foundation specialists, even an engineering contractor.

Check out:

“When I launched my contracting company in San Francisco I was clueless about how to create a business presence online. Lanny and her team created a logo, website and direct marketing campaign for us. As a result, I have received a tremendous amount of interest and high quality leads.”

Malcolm DeBrus

Owner, DeBrus Construction

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