Do Real Men Tweet? Not at Duluth Catalog

While working with a catalog company to help them develop a distinctive voice, I came across the Duluth Catalog. These folks are masters at knowing who their customer is and writing to him/her in a style that speaks their language. Funny, sometimes outrageous, always smart.

This full page presentation for The Writer’s Jacket stopped me in my tracks. Under the headline: Real Men Don’t Tweet, the subhead explains: They WRITE, While wearing the Writer’s Jacket.

I couldn’t wait to read on…

“America’s greatest writers and outdoorsmen were among the pithiest of wordsmiths, practitioners of great economy with words. But even they would agree that – today’s technology be damned – men don’t tweet. They expound, they document, they actually tell stories…They magna their cartas.”

Magna their cartas!

When was the last time you used language like this to connect with your customers?

This colorful passage demonstrates the power of storytelling. It starts with a headline that’s impossible to ignore and pulls you in with intriguing copy. How do they get to the product? With a skillful segue: “ In that rebellious spirit we offer the Tweed Writer’s Jacket…” Then they build the case for the jacket, keeping the same voice as they extol its features and benefits.

This is an example of catalog copywriting at its best. Of course, not every cataloger has the luxury of devoting so much space to one item. But even if you have just a short paragraph, don’t be afraid to create an authentic, even bold, brand personality and let it come shining through in your copy.


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