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Your online presence is essential to your success. Here are some examples from Lanny’s digital portfolio that demonstrate how she helps clients create content that connects with their target audience.

Website: Debrus Construction

A San Francisco startup, DeBrus Construction needed a website to establish their expertise in seismic retrofits and home remodels. My team created their branding, handled the photography and web design/development.


No one can know when the next seismic event will occur, or where it will register on the Richter scale. But the City of San Francisco has mandated that owners of soft story buildings permitted before January 1978 shore up their structures to be prepared. San Francisco contractor DeBrus Construction has completed seismic retrofits for commercial and residential buildings all over the city.

Website: Laguna Designs

Laguna Designs wanted a rebranding and a stronger presence on the Web. Their USP—almost all of their products are designed and manufactured on their premises, delivered and installed by their own people.


In the world of Broadcast, Post and A/V, every project has unique requirements. Space planning, collaborative layouts, ergonomics, cable access and ventilation all have to be considered. As experts in design and fabrication, Laguna Designs has the experience, skills and capabilities to help you create your vision.

Website: Jewish Housing & Programming

J-HAP was formed to serve the life-long needs of people with developmental disabilities. In 2017 the nonprofit opened Cornerstone Creek, a state-of-the-art affordable apartment building. The website tells their story, builds community and encourages donations.


“Who will care for my loved one when I am no longer able?”

WHAT IF… there was an affordable place in the Twin Cities where adults with special needs could live independently, and thrive?

And WHAT IF this special place offered a safety net of services, at no charge to tenants or their families.

J-HAP offers just such a place, where tenants live securely in their own apartment.

Website: Insite Net

IT — is it a science or an art? Our website for INsite Networks answers the question – it’s both, at least the way InSite works. They needed a new site that demonstrates their expertise and capabilities in a dramatic way that sets them apart from the plethora of IT techs in the SF Bay Area.


It’s not just a science, it’s an art. 

At least the way we practice IT.

When your system is down or important updates are needed, you want a corporate computer networking team that knows how to bring order out of chaos. A combination of science and art.

At INsite Networks, we combine our IT knowledge (the science) and our intuitive understanding of your company’s needs (the art) to keep your network running smoothly.

Website: Mobile Repair Guys

A repair shop that comes to you! This popular business services mowers, snowblowers and other small engine equipment at the customer’s location, saving them time and money. Working with Starck Design in Milwaukee, Lanny helped create a fresh, modern website that appeals to customers and also recruits franchisees.


No more loading dirty equipment into your car or paying absurd pickup and delivery fees, then waiting weeks for the repairs to be done. Meanwhile, the grass is growing ankle high or your driveway is buried under snow.

The Mobile Repair Guys come to your residential or commercial location. Our technicians arrive with a trailer fully-stocked with tools and parts for performing tune-ups, maintenance and minor repairs on all types of small engines.

Website: Cancer Support Sonoma

A nonprofit serving the Sonoma Valley, Cancer Support Sonoma provides integrative therapies to people who are experiencing the effects of cancer treatment. The website describes their services, introduces their practitioners and reaches out to donors. In addition to writing the site content, Lanny writes their newsletter, and scripted and co-produced the video, “How to Host a Friend Raiser.”


At Cancer Support Sonoma clients find relief in their own community — they don’t have to drive to Santa Rosa or Marin for acupuncture or oncology massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu or a support group. In addition to the services they enjoy, they can share experiences with others who are on their own cancer journey. It’s all right here, in one friendly, welcoming spot.

Website: Glassman Lighting

Doug Glassman, a Certified Lighting Consultant in Northern California and Reno, NV, wanted a website to showcase the six prestigious lines he represents. Each line has a dedicated page on the site, with product photos and their brand story.

Innovative Lighting Design Whatever your vision, Glassman offers lighting to complement any décor … from the design-driven Hubbardton Forge to the forward-thinking WAC Lighting and energy-efficient Modern Forms.

Blog: Dr. Dan Smith, Chiropractor

Dr. Dan, a San Rafael chiropractor, provides monthly health tips for his patients and prospects. We start with an interview, then Lanny does some research on the topic and selects stock photos for the post. The multi-purpose article also goes out to his MailChimp list and we post it on social media for wide exposure.


“Warm up, loosen up in just 10 minutes a day.

Cats do it. Dogs do it. Even birds and bears do it. Stretching comes naturally to most species. But all too often, we humans don’t take time to perform this important exercise. Why do we need to stretch?
As we age, muscles tighten up and get dehydrated leading to stiffness, fatigue and joint pain. I see it all too often in my San Rafael practice.”

Blog: Artistic Home Studio and Boutique

Like many business owners, Rachel didn’t have time to tend to her blog, so it got kind of messy and sporadic. She brought Lanny on board to take over with monthly blog posts that promote the classes and services offered in her Alameda shop.


With custom furniture painting and refinishing, everything old is new again.

Grandma’s dark wood china cabinet has been in the family for generations. You’re tired of looking at it but can’t bear to part with the family heirloom.  What to do?

Give it a fresh new finish or artistic paint job and voila! You’ve got a “new” piece of furniture, something with unique character you won’t find in a furniture store.”

Blog: Green Dream Tours

Small, personalized tours to Sonoma and Napa wine country are Green Dreams specialty. To differentiate them from their big, commercial competitors, Green Dream publishes engaging blog posts about the wineries on their itinerary, customer experiences and general info about the popular California wine regions.


Sonoma winemaker: the fires are behind us. Come visit!

After two weeks without power and water due to the wildfires that swept through wine country, Nicholson Ranch is once again welcoming guests. We chatted with founder/winemaker Deepak Gulrajani about how his winery fared, and what visitors to Sonoma can expect now.

Blog: Alma del Tango

For this Marin-based tango studio, Lanny writes a popular Student of the Month column. She interviews the student dancers, collects their photos and assembles the article. The studio links to the blog in their weekly newsletter. These profiles are a great way for students to get to know each other as well as to provide frequent fresh content to enhance SEO.



Going off the grid

Edith left the Bay Area in 2015 to live off the grid on an organic farm in Oregon. While there, she meditated and volunteered at an organic bakery where she learned to prepare vegan gluten free foods. “I really enjoyed it,” she says.

She hadn’t danced for quite some time, but during the last year-and-a-half of her stay in Oregon she felt the call and put on her dancing shoes again. After returning to the Bay Area in June 2019, Edith headed straight to Alma del Tango!

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