Does your Contact Page Connect?

by | Aug 12, 2020 | CopyWhiz, Website Copy

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One of the most important pages on a business’s website is often the most overlooked.

After you’ve spent several web pages building a case for why prospects should call, email, sign up, request information … whatever … don’t blow it with a ho-hum contact page!

Here’s where you want to connect with visitors. Get them to take an action. So take this opportunity to get creative.  

7 elements of a Contact page that clicks:

  • Make it easy to access from anywhere on the website, i.e. give it a spot on your nav bar.
  • Use engaging language and graphics. Include a photo, a testimonial or a short video.
  • Provide contact options (email, request a call-back, leave a message via the site, etc.).
  • Keep it clear and concise.
  • Include a form with space for a brief description of why they are contacting you.
  • Give visitors a reason to contact you. Explain how your company helps customers

By providing a great user experience you’ll be more likely to get the response you want. 

Don’t forget to add SEO.

Write a page title that says more than Contact Us. Include a keyword phrase to give your business another opportunity to show up in online searches.

Here’s an example of a Contact page that connects.

300 Feet Out, a smart San Francisco branding agency, treats their Contact page as creatively as every other page on their website. They make a connection right off the bat with the headline: We like making new friends.

Scroll down and they tell you exactly what they can do for you.

Next, they show you their location on a map of SF, and include all the contact details.

Then they tie it all together with a call to action: let’s work together.

Simple. Clear. Brilliant.

Image of Contact Page for 300 Feet Out

If you’d like to talk about your Contact page … Contact mine.